Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Home for Laurel

Laurel has 6 months to find a family....

Laurel is fifteen years old, and she's listed with the "Other Angels" on Reece's Rainbow.  She could be in a place where she is loved.  She could be in a place where a fifteen-year-old's biggest problem is related to school.  Instead, she's in an orphanage, and she has six months to be adopted.  Six months or not at all.  Six months to have a family or be transferred to an adult mental institution.  Six months.  She cannot legally be adopted once she turns sixteen.  It's a terrible, unfair law, but for now, it's what we have to work with.  Please help me to spread the word about this girl.  What she needs more than anything right now is awareness.  She needs for the right people to see her picture and be willing to take action.  She needs people to SHARE.  I've said it before.  There are far too many able adults in this world for a girl like Laurel to go to a place where NOBODY WILL PAY ATTENTION TO HER.  Please, please, please share this post.  Share it on facebook, your own blog, twitter, email, whatever means you happen to have.  Let's get her picture out there.  Her mama is out there somewhere.  Let's keep sharing until she finds her. 

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